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Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock It feels just like it’s heaven’s touch Together at the top (At the top, baby) Like a pyramid And even when the wind is blowing We’ll never fall, just keep on going Forever we will stay Like a pyramid ********* Like there’s no sunrise Like the taste […]



agree =)

haha.i love it.


Hello. I was talking to that guy and then it came to the funny part which showing or prooving to me that i am blur girl!Seriously. “Hey,the best part of me is you.” “What?Pardon?” “The best part of me is YOU.” “Oh,why?” “OMG!Is that your reaction?my friend with his gf saying like that and you […]



Now I just wanna let you know Earthquakes can’t shake us Cyclones can’t break us Hurricanes can’t take away our love be alert with this.i know if the love is strong,no matter happen it will not destroy.But,when it relate to what He wants,kun fayakun…it will happen.and don’t we against it.

Bismillah As you guys red in the paper currently talking about ragging/bullying/sex education/saman ekor/subsidies and so on.But what i try to highlight one topic that interest me is sex education for students due to the rises of baby abortion and blabla..okay,let’s see the major babies that were found.What i can say..for what i read is […]

With the nameĀ  of Allah,The Most Merciful. Today was my interaction day with the teachers.Abah and mak for sure coming.And i guess it will be the day that what the students did at school will kantoi with their parents and so did i =) ok i start with my class teacher,Miss Lailinazrah. She mengantoikan segala […]