My Interaction Day=)


With the name  of Allah,The Most Merciful.

Today was my interaction day with the teachers.Abah and mak for sure coming.And i guess it will be the day that what the students did at school will kantoi with their parents and so did i =) ok i start with my class teacher,Miss Lailinazrah. She mengantoikan segala perlakuanku dalam kelas but she was little bit backup my result.“Die speaking okay,but in writing banyak plak merahnya.Memang ade yang mcm tu,boleh cakap tapi kureng in writing.”.and also,ya,i did mistake in making essay hari tu,i supposed to choose factual essay not make up story etc tu.I admit i prefer facts than imagination.Maybe thats one of the reason i become a debater.haha.And then at the main hall,Abah nak jumpa yang elektif je.okayla.The most okay was teacher Syikin i think.My chemist pun not bad =)..A- ,okaylah tu.Abah “nak A+”..memangla aku robot!Biology,boleh tahan =).haa,,Physics.Okay,Sir was funny and he said saya kurang bertanya.Tanya salah orangla blabla…Addmath..Nice!Teacher offered datang rumah u know!belajar dgn die..Teacher said“ha,dah saudare.Saya siap offer ni.Dulu,Islah pandai.Competelah sikit”hahahha.okay teacher.Insya-Allah.

so,dats it=).off to Maghrib prayer.and btw,i like Charice song,Pyramid!


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