Don’t be idiot.


As you guys red in the paper currently talking about ragging/bullying/sex education/saman ekor/subsidies and so on.But what i try to highlight one topic that interest me is sex education for students due to the rises of baby abortion and blabla..okay,let’s see the major babies that were found.What i can say..for what i read is majority of the criminals are Malays and for sure i can say they are Muslims.Back to the topic,the government beria-ria nak mewujudkan sex education.It can teach the teenagers the side effects for early pregnancy blablabla….everything comes from the Western.The Western countries definitely got it because they are even encouraging it.Here,we are why not the government putting more stress on Islamic Education or relating to kerohanian students.You don’t have to put  your agama rasmi ISLAM but you don’t practice it in your law.I am very disapointed with this.Our leaders  can’t think another alternative for this issue.The Islamic law is simple,when everything messed up,we go to the basic.To the Creator.I believe other religions also have this law.We prefer to our God baliklah..why we must follow the Western?once menjajah kita and now we still let them conquer our minds,our education system.This is very disapointed.Ya,i can’t deny this is one of the signs for is just up to us to think about it,to open our eyes.Selagi sempat.Jangan nanti dah tertutup,baru kita terhegeh-hegeh nak buat yang betul.The fact is WE ARE RUNNING TO THE WORLD BUSINESS AND LEAVING THE OTHER LIFE AND WORLD WHICH IS AKHIRAT.Just counting your days to the doomsday.


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