new me.


With the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Gracious lot..

I deleted all my previous posts due to many bad things happened in 2010.I admit not everything we think sweet is always be sweet sometimes it tastes worse.So,i let this out,i do not hope for many readers coming and read my blog.It is just writing is my reflection of what my heart says.Maybe also certain person in my life that i give my trust and allow him or her to read it.I admit i did many bad things and Alhamdulillah,i am very2 grateful that He saves me.He just let that bad thing happen so that i will open my eyes and realise that i am being too far from Him.Thank you Allah.Thank You,i learnt many things from it.That thing chand my life halfly.I mean,i can’t deny i felt to bad for it.With this new life i choose,i feel more comfortable,living my life that i know i get another Life There.I believe everyone should get the new chance to repent his or her sinful past before He doesn’t accept our taubat anymore.Meaning taht,we actually still have the time but we just need to be hurry coz we are umat akhir zaman and the tick tock,become faster.He is The Most Powerful,i don’t surprise if the time flies too fast because He controls every single thing in this world.And let’s talk about now,new book for MYSELF only,new wishes,new aims and evrything.actually,i got many things to do,i mean preparation to live my life.I always pray that i will not forget the Creator,who i am without Him??i am nothing.everyhting is with me now is belong to Allah.=)

hey,aku masih dengarlah lagu2 tu cuma aku tidak obses sesuatu benda itu.=))

aku suka ayat Quran yang ade cakap pasal,

Kadang-kadang,benda yang kita suka boleh jadi tidak baik untuk kita dan kadang-kadang benda yang kita rase xelok,sebenarnya baik untuk kita.Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui.


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